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Welcome to the HomeTalk blog, brought to you by HomeChoice! Here you'll find a world of recipes, the latest style tips, reviews about our products and ideas on how to improve the lifestyle of you and your family. Have a look through our recipes to find the perfect dish for dinner tonight and keep an eye out for fantastic competitions where you can win some great prizes. Enjoy your stay - we're happy to have you here.




Enjoy another delicious family favourite, with love from Cathy Badenhorst


HomeChoice decor tips
We’ll show you how to bring this sophisticated duo into your home with the...

Home and Living

Bathroom sink & Toilet
A good measure of a home is the state of its bathroom

Competitions & Winners

HomeChoice competitions
Here's another chance to become a HomeChoice Millionaire!

Product Reviews

Mince, mix and blend with Evolution.

HomeChoice Charity

The HomeChoice Development Trust
The HomeChoice Development Trust has been really busy lately. Read about their...

Your Financial Health

HomeChoice finance
Top tips on how to stretch your money this festive season

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